Creative Year in Review – 2022

Creative Year in Review – 2022

Published Date
January 1, 2023

Each year I reflect back on creative projects that I worked on, and while 2022 had a lot going on that resulted in fewer creative projects than usual (welcomed my second son!), it still is cool look back and gear up for a new year.


After several years of saying “this is the year we will finish and release AlphaNoodles,” my older brother and I finally finished and released our mobile game AlphaNoodles! It is a word puzzle game about finding hidden messages in your pasta; if that sounds like something you might enjoy, you can find links to download for iOS and Android HERE.

Ludo Lodge Videos

I have been making video content for games designers for a couple of years now on my channel Ludo Lodge, and this year I posted just a few new videos on the channel. Hoping I can be a little more active on the channel in 2023!

Personal Blog Posts

Each year I try to share my “favorites” across different mediums on my personal blog. In 2022, I ended up with 9 new blog posts:

Art Studio Renovation

Since moving into our house almost 3 years ago, my wife and I have been planning and executing on a renovation of some garage workshop space to be my wife’s studio for her art business. In 2022, the studio is finally complete! It is very cool to see it finished and have a dedicated creative space right at home. My wife put together a video series documenting the renovation process, you can see some of the results in the final video below!

A lot happens in a year and it is always impossible to predict what the next year will hold, but I’m excited to tackle 2023!