Best 8 Player Board Games (Medium-High Complexity)

Best 8 Player Board Games (Medium-High Complexity)

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Looking for an 8-player strategy game that is deep and filled with tough and satisfying decisions? While we suggest splitting into two groups or picking a game of lower complexity, here are our recommendations.

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Games we haven’t tried yet ourselves, but we believe could be a good choice in this category.

Blood on the Clocktower


Release Year: 2022 Complexity: Medium-High

  👥  5-20 Players

  ⏰  30-120 min

  💸 ~$140

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Summary: Deduce who the Demon is through logic and bluffing, and remain in the game even if your character has been killed.

You Might Like If… you enjoy large-group social deduction games, and are looking for a deeper experience that is full of variability in roles and keeps everyone engaged the entire time.

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