Best 7 Player Board Games (Medium-High Complexity)

Best 7 Player Board Games (Medium-High Complexity)

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Looking for a 7-player strategy game that is deep and filled with tough and satisfying decisions? While we suggest splitting into two groups or picking a game of lower complexity, here are our recommendations.

👍 Honorable Mentions

Games that missed being top picks, but that we still think are great choices for a lot of people.

Cosmic Encounter

🔴 Daniel’s #31 All-Time


Release Year: 2008 Complexity: Medium-High

  👥  3-5* Players

  ⏰  45-90 min

  💸 ~$60

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* 6-8 players with the Cosmic Incursion, Cosmic Conflict, and Cosmic Alliance expansions.

Summary: Fight and negotiate your way to five foreign colonies as you navigate shifting alliances and take advantage of your unique alien power.

You Might Like If… you enjoy chaotic games where a lot of the strategy is in the social interactions among players, and are looking for a game that rewards repeated plays with the same group due to the huge variability in the power alien race abilities and a group dynamic that develops from game to game.

 👀 Worth a Look

Games we haven’t tried yet ourselves, but we believe could be a good choice in this category.

Blood on the Clocktower


Release Year: 2022 Complexity: Medium-High

  👥  5-20 Players

  ⏰  30-120 min

  💸 ~$140

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Summary: Deduce who the Demon is through logic and bluffing, and remain in the game even if your character has been killed.

You Might Like If… you enjoy large-group social deduction games, and are looking for a deeper experience that is full of variability in roles and keeps everyone engaged the entire time.

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